The old tarot card. The HermitKnow thyself! The Hermit

Tarot readings won’t tell you anything you don’t already know about yourself. What a reading does, is help you remember who you are. So often, we’re caught up in the miasma of day to day life, forgetting about who we truly are as spiritual beings. We go on needlessly suffering, when had we remembered, life could have been a whole lot easier.

While ancient Tarot is often associated with future seeing and sometimes used as a novelty at parties, I’m not your fortune teller. Readings are designed to aid and empower you in discovering a brighter self and, as a result, the potentials for a brighter future. This aspect of doing readings is just one small part of a greater body of evidence for our soulful nature.

When you receive a Tarot reading, I blend my many years of metaphysical study and intuitive insights with the reading in order to lovingly remind you of who you are as a soul, while sharing spiritual tools to help clear your path. This is to aid you in becoming more self-empowered and living a more joyful, uplifting, and meaningful life. And, I like to teach you how to do this work for yourself, along the way.

Bring an open mind, your questions, and something to write with. There will be a lot of information given you’ll want to remember and review later.  I look forward to our reading together and helping you shine light on the next step of your Life’s journey.

Love, Light, and Blessings!