So having started off, we must go on to legislate for the real difficulties. We will ask the critics to drop their usual practice and to be serious for once, and remind them that it was not so long ago that the Greeks thought – as most of the barbarians still think – that it was shocking and ridiculous for men to be seen naked.

– Plato

Symbols have underlying meanings. We can get to what is underlying once we’ve learned to put aside our limiting beliefs. It doesn’t have to imply giving up who we are; rather, it means putting our limited nature aside so that we may open up to a more inclusive point of view.  Take Plato’s Republic quoted above, for example, regarding the absurdity of men being seen naked in public.  I mean, let us keep an open mind.

If you’re not completely naked, wrap our beautiful robe of words around you and sleep


It’s our limited world view which causes our pain and suffering. Let’s look at the biblical story of David and Goliath.  David was considered the weaker man and was surely going to die in a battle against Goliath. But, because David identified with God, he was able to defeat Goliath in battle with stones (Samuel 1:17). What this story means to me is that even the least among us may triumph when we obey God’s commandments.

But, do God’s commandments still have the same meaning after all this time? How is it possible when we’ve evolved? In the modern era, we’re driving cars, using computers, and socializing globally on the internet, for example. We’ve come a long way from the sounds of horse hoofs driving chariots and the countless miles people migrated on foot to escape from famines, wars, plagues, and religious persecution, as mentioned in the Bible. Although, in some parts of the world, like Syria, people are still fleeing for their lives.


Am I all that different as a person in ancient times, as I am in the modern era? The Chariot

Pope Francis agreed certain changes were to take place in the Catholic Church. For example, his reiterated support of public breastfeeding. I nursed both of my boys during a time period when breastfeeding in public was frowned upon. It still is. Perhaps Pope Francis’ good word will start a revolution to liberate breastfeeding women everywhere. After all, the baby needs to be fed!

With opinions clashing, what is it going to take for humanity to start working together harmoniously before we destroy ourselves and the planet?

No matter where we go, we’re always God’s children; united in our endeavors, stuck on the same planet earth, working towards the betterment of all humanity so our children can have a better place to live than the one we inherited from our ancestors.

How do we put the clothing of our past, limiting, separating, and harmful thoughts away, so we can arrive naked with God?

The triumphant sounds from above, calling all of God’s children to obey his WORD, as written in scriptures across all times, cultures, lands, religions, and political systems. Not to say there is a “right way” of doing things, but there is a way to include holy ALL of God’s creatures, in one diversified universal expression.