The old tarot card. The Hanged Man.

The Hanging Man is often depicted as man on a pole, hanging upside by his feet; people often take this card to mean a bad omen. In reality, it isn’t bad at all. So, what does it mean?

My first impression of this card has to do with stages of identity. How we see ourselves in the world, is how we might interpret this card. Make sense? Perhaps, perhaps not.

It may be prudent to ask at this point what is meant by “stages of identity.” Let’s go on to the next card pulled from the deck…The old tarot card. Two of Pentacles

Stages of identity, like I mentioned when I pulled The Hanging Man card, has to do with our point of attainment on the earthly planes. That’s a mouthful. I’ll try to explain it better.

In the Two of Pentacles there is depicted a sense of duality: the earthly planes of man and heaven above.

We’re reminded to ask what is blocking us from creating Heaven on Earth? And, in this case it’s having to do with relationships.The old tarot card. Three of Cups

Your identification, or how you see yourself, is an important part of how you experience yourself, your relationships, and the world around you.

Are you limiting your self-expression?

What’s holding you back?

My work is to help you discover the boss within yourself, so that the world truly revolves around you, in a holistic way. Let me explain this further…The old tarot card. Death

“Whoa! This isn’t what I signed up for!” You might be saying to yourself if you see the Death card. Relax, like the Hanging Man, this card isn’t a bad omen, either.

The meaning of the Death card in this case, means putting away your stinking thinking; that stuff that’s holding  you back. It is a reminder of what we want to put behind us from the past, so we can start living life now; rather than, living in heaven’s relative reflection on earth, where we experience a lot of suffering.

This reminds me of the Bible saying, “Be in the world, but not of the world (John 17:14-16).”

As spiritual beings, we want to remember ourselves as limitless, boundless, and timeless. Just as we are on the Other Side.

Seem impossible? Keep reading…The old tarot card. The Tower

The Tower symbolizes the Tower of Babel, as written about in the Bible (Genesis 11: 1-9).

It often has to do with communication. Either you’ve pierced the veil and are an amazing communicator, or you have a little work to do. My guess is, well, I’ll leave that alone for now and allow you to decide.

Pair this with the Death card and we have a reading.  Remember, the Death card is about letting go of the past.  It’s a reminder to ask yourself what you want to let go of from the past so that you can communicate more clearly with your loved ones. That is, without stirring the proverbial pot.

Is there something you need to say to someone? Do you need to make something clear about yourself? But, are afraid they might not think very highly of you? Read on…The old tarot card. The Moon

Don’t start howling yet, I see another meaning to this one.

Sometimes words come to me, a form of clairaudience, and stand out more than the picture does. In this case I hear a woman who is looking to the right and to the left, and asks aloud, “Which way do I go?

One way seems a bit precarious. It’s an old, outworn path. Sure, it gave true results in the past, but is it life-fulfilling to her now?

While in the other direction, her eyes are opened wide, but it seems a little daunting to her. The path also appears new to her and enticing. The horizon broadens.

Which way should she go? Is something holding her back? What is it?

How we make decisions in life also has to do with our stage of identification, like I mentioned earlier in the reading. Let’s move on…The old tarot card. The Star

The Star is speaking to the road less traveled, and as mentioned with the Moon card, it’s the path that broadens your horizons.

While it’s always good to ask not to be given more than we can receive, I’m here to tell you that the path that makes your knees shake a little, but in a good way, is almost always the one to take.

You want to know why? Because, it’s that slice of you from Heaven leading you on your spiritual journey in this lifetime.

Do you see yourself as a little adventurous? Willing to take a risk? Let’s move on…The old tarot card. The Hermit

The rock song lyrics by Fleetwood Mac, “you can go your own way,” come singing into my ears as I look at this card.

Hermits are known for going it alone. It doesn’t have to mean the same thing as being lonely. Please, allow me to explain this one a little bit further.

Being like the Hermit is what it takes sometimes to take the path less traveled, but at the same time gives us a lot more fulfillment in life.

Some may try to dissuade you, others may disagree completely.

While it may make you nervous to go against the grain of old-school thinking, going your own way means following a guidance for yourself no one else may be listening to. That’s because it’s coming from within YOU!The old tarot card. The Devil

The Devil card means having the richness of life, the way you would see it for yourself. I know, you were expecting something a bit more Friday the 13th. But, no, no, no…

The reason this card has to do with the richness of life, is because it’s speaking to a certain measure of self-mastery. It means being yourself, your TRUE self from above, unchained from the perils of the earthly planes where we’ve created our own living hell, at times.

And,  it means not worrying about what other people think of you! People, who might be trying to hold you back because of their own limited ways of being. Others won’t always see your path clearly for you.

Besides, oftentimes we’re not even aware that the people around us really admire our willingness to take risks. It’s our old thinking, the stuff we want to put behind us, that makes us think otherwise.

Are you ready to take a leap into expressing a truer YOU?bulb-2339717_1920


This was a sample spiritual reading with Tarot! That wasn’t so scary, right?

However,  when I do a private reading, its tailored directly to you! To help you overcome whatever it is you need to put behind you, so your load in life is a little lighter and a bit more like Heaven on Earth.

Everything I read on the cards, and what the pictures tell us, pertain specifically to your circumstances. However, the messages are also universal, as we’re all going through the same lessons in life.

I really love doing spiritual readings with people, like you, to help release past conditioning and see a brighter, more fulfilling life ahead! All the while, giving a few spiritual tools to help with life lessons along the way.

Love, light, and many blessings!