And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.

John 8:32

My son loves to fish and has been learning all he can about it.  I don’t fish except upon rare occasion, though I’m his chauffeur and chaperone. Even when I was a child fishing with my father and brother, Bill, I wasn’t fond of catching, filleting, and eating fish. But, I went along for the sport because it was a big part of our family vacation, where we camped in places like Burney Falls National Park. Burney Falls is known for it’s beautiful, scenic waterfall here in Northern California.  My father, brother, and I would hike below the falls to Trout fish.

The cool mist of the falls was welcome on a warm summer’s day. My fond memories were of being in nature, observing the gushing water below the falls as it made its way over rocks and dead wood, and hiking along the wooded trails. I loved the fish with their flickering scales under the water, while watching their elegant movements, as they swam away from the “plunk” of my fishing line hitting the water. These were the moments when many life lessons were remembered, though not exactly as my father would have hoped I remembered them.

Let’s fast forward to my son, Forrest, in his fishing hole. If you’ve read the blog post, Gone Fishin’ (Click Here), then you know it was my Grandma Ruby from the Other Side who encouraged Forrest to continue fishing in his fishing hole, where he might ‘catch a footer if he stuck with it.’ It hasn’t happened to date – the footer, that is. However, with Grandma Ruby’s encouragement, Forrest is rather partial to that particular fishing hole. Although now, and to my surprise, he’s starting to think of other places to fish. He said he might want to fish at the Feather River for Trout instead of hooking a Bass at the lake. He recently read Bass isn’t the best-tasting fish.

When we are asked the question “Do you know yourself?” why is it that we cannot answer “Yes”? Within each of us there are certainly great storehouses of abilities and capacities which we have never used (Edgar Cayce, A Search for God Book 1, pg. 33).

Forrest reminds me that thinking for ourselves is a crucial component to walking the spiritual path, no matter what anyone else may say to us or have us do. This is true, even when someone is speaking to us from the Other Side. Discernment is as much a part of valor, as anything else. Now I have to admit, I’m rather fond of Forrest’s fishing hole, too, but it’s not necessarily, to me, about catching fish.

If we come to understand these lessons and that to which they are leading, and if we hope to lead others in the way, we will find it necessary to analyze ourselves to that which is, which has been, and which may be the impelling influence in our lives (Edgar Cayce, A Search for God Book 1, pg. 111).

Concow Lake, Concow, CA
July 2017
Forrest’s Bass Fishing Hole