Soul Life Coaching

with Jennifer Lasell


Jennifer Lasell is an Intuitive and Soul Life Coach with 26 years experience in a Spiritual Reading and One-pointed Meditation practice. Until recently, she practiced in private, working voluntarily with people one-on-one and occasionally in small groups doing precisely what she does for herself: getting to know the true self and God, so that one may serve.


Now, Jennifer is bringing her work to the public, beginning with Tarot readings, as a form of Spiritual Reading. More services coming soon…


To schedule a reading with Jennifer, use the contact form below to send in your request. Please include how you prefer to be contacted. Jennifer will contact you within 24 hours to schedule an appointment.


Readings are conducted live online via Skype, and in-person at certain localities. She currently resides in beautiful Yankee Hill, CA. Other locations may become available upon request.




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